Comeback Ducks?


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Oregon received some great news this week as Patrick Herbert practiced on Tuesday without any apparent limitations. Alex Forsyth was also a full participant after battling back spasms last season.

The Ducks should have a myriad of players returning from injury this season, including Justin Flowe, Sean Dollars, Cam McCormick, and more. Injuries were such a big reason why we didn't get to see the Ducks reach their full potential last season, especially late in the year.

Which comeback are you most excited to see?



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Sean Dollars. He was a highly-rated, dynamic back coming out of Southern California powerhouse Mater Dei. He's just never had any luck with injuries (or chances under Mario). I see him as being a quality dual threat back. If he is, that would allow Seven McGee to focus on playing in the slot. Not many defenses will have versatile enough backers or DBs to cover both Sean and Seven on the same play.